[AD Import] Having Timeout

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Published on 2018-12-10 by Fábio Fantato
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Published on 2018-12-10 by Fábio Fantato


Im having timeout when I run the sync. My Ad is about 2000 plus users.

Increase the timeout value of the timer that runs the job. By default it is set to 20 mins. 

I found out the issue is cause by the "IsUserInGroup" method in the extension module. The method is retrieving the all the group members and compares check if the user using a for loop. Which means if the AD consists of 2000 users. It will loop 2000 times. I have change the code to such that I retrieve the user's Ad group and compare with the AD group. This will be more efficient as the chances of a user having 2000 AD groups is smaller.