System.LoginPassword action changes User.Password


I use SS version 9.1.608.0.

I faced with some unclear situation.

LoginPassword action changes User.Password value from saved one (2E050E362442D0C75BE59457B07EC45B for Foobar1) to some long value(like $1$0hVnRxh+mArdHV0Oso93buBHSPUS0NBdiFkcgoeGcbA=F37BDA25C328AB28B7A75EE6E82...). After that logic throws exception. As result next password check fails due to password value was modified.

Does anybody know why it happens and what can be done to avoid such change.

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Actually in spite of password value is changed LoginPassword action works properly: in case of wrong password throws exception and in case of right password passes through. So after using LoginPassword action manually password can't be checked any more.