Do table name changed when deploying from Dev to QA/Production?

We have use case integrating Platform DB tables to our Core DB tables.

Also we have reports build using Jasper report.

Recently we moved our development server, and Platform DB tables all changed, and broken reference/dependency with our integration and Jasper reports.

My question is, do table names will also changed when deploying Dev to QA/Prod using Lifetime?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Harlin,

Very simple solution to create synonyms for your entities in every environment and use a single name every where . Doing this you can easily use stored procedures  without changing names of the entity every time.

While creating an entity you give the logical name and it creates a physical name for it internally , to create synonym you just need to run a query in ossys espace entity get the table name and create a synonym with logical table name .

if you want i can share the query to do this.




Hi, thanks for your bright idea... 

May I know which table contain the mapping of logical table name to physical table name?


The mapping between physical table name and logical name is in the OSSYS_ENTITY table.