Help: Producer 'CommonPlugin' module definition is incompatible

We have just migrating the server, and this problem occured...

Please help...

I already tried:

- delete then reinstall CommonPlugin

- compiling CommonPlugin manually, then compiling any module that depended on it.


Edit: I have to uncheck all references to CommonPlugin on all components and modules that dependent on it, then re-reference it.


Hi, I am also facing similar issue when I launch the quick app template in my iPhone 6s by scanning the QR code. How do I solve this issue  

Uncheck all references to Common Plugin in Manage Dependency Window, click ok. 

Then redo the references to Common Plugin.

I unchecked all the references and did it again but still the problem persist. I recently included firebase push notification module and then the problem started 

Any suggestions will be great !!


Hi Mithilesh, 

I had the same issue. I removed the plugin altogether and reinstalled it and somehow the problem was gone. Having said that, I don't think either the above or my solution would work for sure. I would suggest you raise a ticket with Outsystems team and see what they have to say. Their response is usually quick! 

Hi Saket,

I managed to solve the issue. The went to the espace and checked all the dependency one at a time and found out that after I updated the common plugin the firebasemessageplugin was still not able to use that correctly and had a issue with it. I had to reinstall this particular plugin . I guess the best way was to check the dependency in eSpace and verify if at all there is an error or not.

Thanks for your reply 

I tried to resolve it with few suggestions which is given above. But for me i did it through this :
when i checked Template phone,Template tab, Template universal references in Manage Dependency Window, click ok. 

To resolve the issue, open Quick app Template in the IDE and open Module > Manage Dependencies... menu and click Refresh All button in the 'Manage Dependencies' popup window.