Schedule Timer Inactivity

Is there a reason to explain a pause of executing the queries with in the Timer?

Anyway to check what was going on during the pause? any log in the server I can check?

Here is snapshot of past 3 days and beyond...




Hi David,

Can you provide more information?

I assume that the log you are looking at is only showing slow queries and it seems that you are missing some log records, because these queries were not marked as slow by the Platform.

Can you tell me what the timer does and how often the timer is scheduled?

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hi David,

The slow query reports/logs only have "slow queries" so that doesn't mean that there was a delay, just that each individual query in between did not exceed 200ms.


João Rosado

But can you explain what possible could contribute the gap between the query?

The timer runs everyday at midnight and pretty much access an sftp , get the files, and upload to the database

Hi David,

The gap can be caused by:

1. Short running queries that don't show up in the long running queries log.

2. Slow performance on the sftp at times?

3. Other function that is running on the timer and is looping through the records that have been fetched.

Without any detailed information it will be difficult to give an answer. 

What you can do to figure out what is going on is by adding some LogMessage actions (P10) or Audit actions (P9.1 and before) to check at which step the timer is at which time.

With this logging info you can check what is happening on the server around midnight.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga