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Published on 2018-09-05 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2018-09-05 by Carlos Alfaro

Hello, i'm trying to make the upload of multiple files, but there is no option in the component... Does anyone knows how to do it?

Hi Mauricio.

Supposedly if you use the UseDropZone option you would be able to do that.

However, it seems that this component it's not working properly and some people has had problems when trying to upload a file (I also did a quick and simple test and was able to reproduce the problems).

Hello Gonçalo, tudo bem?

As you said, there seens to be a major problem on the FileUpload webblock preparation: you putted the following logic:

If (HandleURL = "") Then HandleURL = GetOwnerURLPath() + "FileUploadHandlerEntry.jsf"

The fact is I running on a .Net stack... You may guess that 'jsf' is not the extension i need, but 'aspx'.

In short: Changing from "FileUploadHandlerEntry.jsf" to "FileUploadHandlerEntry.aspx" made the upload work again.

As for the 'multiple upload' part, adding 'multiple' to the extended properties in the plataform upload widget did the trick.

Hi Mauricio.

Yeah, I just saw that a few hours ago. Just didn't has time to write it here, sorry.

Nice to know it worked ;)