I'm trying to interact with a table based on who's logged in. For this, when I update the table, I use GetUser(GetUserId()).User.Username (where GetUser is a function of the System's Users table). This works fine inside actions, however, when I try to use the same as a condition in an aggregation, the result is always empty. I'm developing a web app, and I know there should be something like a Session variable (or is that only for mobile apps?), but I can't find it where it is in screenshots in training material.

So the question is, how can I aggregate (filter, to be exact) a table so that only the records where the username is the currently logged in user's username are showing? Thank you!



You should include an attribute with "User Identifier" as data type, connecting your table with the platform's User table (under 'System').

Then, on your aggregate, join your table with the User table and apply the filter:

 <your_table>.UserId = GetUserId()

Does this help?


Hi Csanád,

Do you still have problems? Bruno's solution should solve your problems. Let us know in case you have more doubts.