[Event System] Error getting a event handler id

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Published on 17 Feb (yesterday) by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 17 Feb (yesterday) by leonardo.fernandes


I did a simple test, where I created a webblock with a EventHandler pattern with a EventName "testEvent"

In another screen, I putted this webblock, named eventBlock and created a screen action with a GetEventHandler Server Action calling the eventBlock.id with the EventName "testEvent".

when I invoked the GetEventHandler output id, the following error occurred: 

"Expecting a single event handler, 0 was found instead"

I think I did the procedure as expected and worked in the first time, but when I open the project again after some days I couldn't catch the event.

Why this happens?


Hello Celso.

What you describe should be working. If you could attach a sample for me I could check and see if you made some mistake, or used the wrong API.


I sent the oml file as attachment.



Hello Celso. Your test is working in my environment.

So... let's see what's the difference between your environment and mine. Are you on .NET or Java stack? And which version of the platform? Are you testing exactly the same example that you attached here?

You could also try installing the latest Event System version.

And you could also use the Trigger action - that way you don't need to use GetEventHandlers.

Hi Celso. Did you fix your problem?