Hello Everyone, 

Is it possible to increment an input variable of a screen?

I have an entity that has elements and with manual IDs (A column that had IDs on it before importing). I can look up elements based on that other IDs, however, I need to increment it and can't figure out how. 

What I am trying to do:

I have a form that will display elements from the entity. When I go to the page the default value for the variable is one and pulls up the appropriate data. however, i have several fields under that one that require the data from the same entity but with incremented ID values ie. 2,3,4. 

Is there a way to increment or give several value to an input variable so that it displays the data  based on the input parameter?

Thank You


Hello Jeremy Guilloty,

for what I understand, you have a form that shows some elements from an entity, usually you take the ID of the record you want to show to that form and then you load the information from the entity based on that ID,

you want to show information from more than 1 row in the same form? from multiple id's?