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Published on 2018-12-29 by Miguel Meireles
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Published on 2018-12-29 by Miguel Meireles

I am using this extension in a project where 1 of the attribute in the xml-list is formated as :





This value is inserted in Excel 2016 as 36899.

Excel recognizes 1.8.1 as date (1 august 2001) and inserts the date value 36899 in the cell.

I allready tried to change the cellproperties of the destination cell to text but without success.

How do I prevent Excel from auto convert this value because I want the value 1.8.1 in the cell.

Any suggestions to avoid this behaviour?

Best regards,


Hi Dick,

It's a bug, I'll try to fix it. The only way I see to get around the problem is to put "v1.1.8".

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your response. I use a simular workaround now but I rather not use it, because it is visible for the user. The value is exported from the database to excel. The user updates the excel and imports it. So if the user deletes the prefix character this still goes wrong.

It would be great if you can fix this. Do you have any idea when an update will be available. 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dick,

The bug is fix, there are new version to download.

Miguel Meireles wrote:

Hi Dick,

The bug is fix, there are new version to download.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for the fix! 

I see you published it for version 10. We are using version 9.1.608.0. 

Is it possible for you to publish it for this version? 

Hi Dick,

I put a version(  for platform 9.1, I do not know if it works because I can not test it.


Miguel Meireles