Pie Drilldown Highcharts


Hi i would like to know what is the best way to apply drill down to a pie chart. Right now my option is to create a web block that could accommodate the structure I need to complete a chart.

I want to use the default pie chart plugin and apply a drill down to it. If anyone could walk me through how to do it, it would be great. I already searched the forums for similar topics to this one so far I saw a sample where they used the (DataPoint_GetClicked) and on the action they just went to another web screen and accepted the input parameter.

I'm hoping to be able to achieve something similar to this in outsystems


again thank you for all the replies in advance very much appreciated to learn the best way to apply this through outsystems :)


Hi Clintjie,

In your jsFiddle you can see that the data for the pie chart and the drill down are both available on the hightest level (see in the javascript area the series part).

You can try to recreate a structure like this in OutSystems in your preparation and assign this series structure to the pie chart.

Eventhough I've never tried this option explicitly, all the options from the Highcharts are possible, you just have rebuild the structure you can see in the jsFiddle.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


@Remco - okay i understand I was just wondering if there was another way to do it, but structures are the way to go then. I just have to ready my chart format data so that it delivers the same output as the one in jsfiddle 

thank you for the quick reply :)


Were you ever able to get this drilldown to work with the OutSystems charts, I am trying but the drill down doesn'r seem to be working.

i added the JSON to the AdvancedFormat_Init() method put the drilldown part does not function.