OutSystems 10 - String parsing and response XML issues

We are in the process of upgrading to OutSystems version 10, and we've run into a couple unexpected issues.

1)  We have a web service that accepts an XML, parses it, and loads the database.  Previous to version 10, there were no issues, but now it times out.  Our UAT environment is still version 9 and handles a particularly long test XML without issue, but version 10 times out.  The XML handling routines were written long ago, using a string parsing methodology - was there a change to this type functionality that would cause a time out now?  Was a timeout imposed on the web service?  I can't find a place to change the timeout in Service Center or Service Studio.

2)  When the web service responds to the delivery plugin, it is sending a content-type of text/html;charset=utf-8, and the plugin seems to be expecting
text/xml;charset=utf-8 and it throws an error.  Again in version 9, this never happened, but in 10, when the XML from #1 above times out, the plugin throws the content-type error.  Is there a way to change the web service's response XML type?

Hi ChrisV!

Sorry your post is still unanswered. Are you still struggling with this questions?



Ah, this turned out to be an issue on the client side, and I forgot about this question in my joy that it wasn't my fault.  It could be deleted it, actually, I suppose.  


Glad to hear it's solved!