Multiple colors for links within an espace

Multiple colors for links within an espace


Right now i'm building a new standard backoffice for our clients. This design contains two different kind of link-styles, e.g. two different colors. Normally, you connect in Service Studio a text with a webscreen with the standard <A> style.

Does anybody have an idea how I can create serveral colors for my links?

Service Studio supports styles in Link widgets since version 2.0.15

If you are still using an earlier version there are two possible workarounds:
1. Replace your link text with an Expression widget an set the style of that Expression
2. Create styles like:
.SomeStyle A { text-decoration: none;}
.SomeStyle A:hover { color: #cc3300; text-decoration: underline;}
In CSS syntax this means that this style will apply to A tags inside containers with SomeStyle style.
Apply this style to the table cell that contains the Link.
Be careful however with this descendant selectors approach, because it may have complex inheritance implications.

There are several available style sheet editors that can help defining styles. TopStyle is one of them.

For more information about Cascading Style Sheets see:

For Information about using style sheets in Service Studio see:
Service Studio Help\Web User Interface\Applying styles\Apply Web styles