Making Use of UserID from one Table to Insert into another Table

Hi, I am new to outsystem. Can i check how to I obtain the id from the CreateOrUpdateUserInfo Method and use it to insert into the next method CreateOrUpdateAuthentication.

Both of the table share the same ID which is UserID. In addition , I wish to obtain the result of the GenerateSHA512Hash to insert to the same method CreateOrUpdateAuthentication.

Authentication Table is make up of DeviceID,PIN, UserID, RoleID

There is a user form inputting this information.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Jonathan,

If I understood you correctly, you need an assign after the CreateOrUpdateUserInfo, assigning to the Record that goes in CreateOrUpdateAuthentication.

By your description it seems that it's the record that's on the form, so:

Widgets.Form.MyRecord.UserId = CreateOrUpdateUserInfo.UserId

If this is not correct, perhaps sending an .oml example can help to understand what you want to achieve.