Mobile app testing in real device

1.What can i do for mobile app testing?.

2. how to do or run selenium scripts  test in real device.?

3. how to test explain?

Hi sathishkumar,

I'm not sure there's much you can do with regards to automated testing a mobile app, other than run it in the browser simulator.


Not sure if this is what you are looking for and I haven't tried it yet (we are considering it for an upcoming project): 

Hi Bro....

I need to test in real device not in simulators example if we develop app in android studio  means we can test in real device through appium and selenium but in outsystem it not possible i think any way to do real device share with me thank for you information

Bruno Fonte wrote:


Not sure if this is what you are looking for and I haven't tried it yet (we are considering it for an upcoming project): 

no i am not looking this type of things i need to run app  through script in real time device  testing 

Have there been any breakthroughs on this subject? It seems like there should be some way to perform automated testing on mobile apps developed in OutSystems. Is there some way to embed common testing scripts into the resources section of the app, for example?

Hello Grayson

There's an article on this topic here: "More than Meets the Eye: Testing Mobile Applications"

Just adding info, Amazon Device Farm uses real devices, not emulators.


That article is interesting, but it does not actually explain how you are supposed to write tests for mobile apps in OutSystems. I was already aware of AWS device farm and things like it (BrowserStack) but the article still does not address how exactly you are supposed to write test cases for the mobile apps. Is there some commonly accepted testing framework or library which we can use? Are they simply fuzz-testing the apps for some reason? Can you use testing frameworks which use XPath to identify things on the screen given that it is a hybrid-native application?

Hi Grayson Udstrand,

Using AWS device farm is a great way for you to test your OutSystems apps against real devices. AWS Device farm supports different test types like Appium, Calabash, UI Automator, etc.. So if you want to test your app in AWS Device Farm, you first have to choose one of these frameworks, set up your local machine and implement your test cases.

For example, if you decide to use Appium, first you will have to install this. So, when you start implementing your Appium tests, be aware that Appium has different contexts for the native components (NATIVE_APP) and web components (WEBVIEW). Since OutSystems apps are hybrid, you should use a WEBVIEW context. After setting up the WEBVIEW context, you can use either XPATH or search by HTML tags to get web elements and perform some interactions. Please, check if this example can help you.

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