Here is the stack trace:

How to troubleshoot this? 

Hi Stanley,

Can you reproduce this problem in a minimal eSpace? Do you always get this? What were you trying to do exactly?

Hi Stanley,

I had exactly the same issue. And it happened when I insert a text on a input of the editable table with a '.

This seams to be a bug on the editable table that is not escaping the text. I was not able to completely solve the issue but used a workaround to refresh data and ajax refresh the editable table after saving a change.

Hope it helps.

Ana Reis

Hi Ana,

Thanks for your update, but in my case I just click the Add Record link and had not typed anything.

This the second time I came across the same error and I am not giving up, I will revisit this when I have a break in my projects. My work around is to use a Data Table and a pop-up edit form.



I check my previous post asking the same question: Javascript error when adding new record in EditableTable

The error is due the missing EditTable.js on the client.

I will take note on the changes I made when this happens next time, and see if it is reproducible.