How To hide Plugin plugin in personal

Dear All,,

How to hide in our personal plug plugin?

You can reorganize all applications, including plugins.

Just move their modules to another Plugin Application. When the original application is empty you can delete it.

It's not advisable to move all into a single one, but if you can logically organize them, most apps are unnecessary.

If you move/group all plugin modules into a single application, you will have trouble when you need to update the plugin.

It will be nice if we can choose to hide/unhide certain application to unclutter our environment (personal or not).

But currently AFAIK it's not possible.

I smell an Idea there, Harlin (if it doesn't already exist) :).

the whole page need a proper revamp.

 differentation between forge-components and your own. etc.

don;t think grouping the apps for developers (in lifetime) will be sufficient and even possible in personal environments