Hi. I'm using platform V10 and the environment is on-premise. Here is my scenario:

  1. I have a 3-level workflow. (Employee -> Project Manager -> Reporting Manager)
  2. From Employee, He has to submit a form for approval to project manager up to reporting manager
  3. There is a rule that if the Project manager  or Reporting manager resigns, the flow should go in to the new user.

I'm using BPT. The thing is, I don't know if there is a function that i can use to re-assign users from human activity if that activity is already active. I saw a function "ActivityReset" but i don't know how it works.  

Thank you in advance for the help :)


Hi Cy,

You can use the (System) function ActivityReset to set your Activity Status back to Ready if it has already been open by a user. This will release the HumanActivity from the user that originally opened it and make it available for other users to open/pick it for themselves. 

You can also use the BPT_API module's function HumanActivity_AssignToUser to assign your Activity to another user.

In either case you will probably need to Manage Dependencies and add those two function dependencies from their respective modules.


Thank you, Jorge! :)