resizing widgets

Dear All:

 I'm struggling for a day now. I have a blank Web Block or Web screen. I place a container or any widget. However, I cant resize the controls in my preferred column size.

I checked our sample and try to mimic the settings but it seems not working on my own project.

what i need to do to modify the widgets in my preferred column size? Please help.

Hello Vince.

Most widgets, like the container, have a property called width. You can define its value in columns, pixels, points or %.

If you put a container in the main content area of a web screen, for example, it will fill the entire width of it (it's a block element). You can change it's width to 6 col, or 50%, or 300px and you will see it shrink to the size you define.

Can you show a print of your canvas with a container selected and the property 'width' visible? 


Hi Vince,

Adding to what Jauch wrote, in OutSystems there are always 12 columns and you cannot control their size directly. 

Columns are defined by the Grid type selected for the theme:

  • If you are using a Fluid Grid, columns are relative to the parent container (so each container will be split into 12 smaller columns that will span the width of the container);
  • If you are using a Fixed Grid, your 12 columns are relative to the screen dimensions and always have the same width;
  • Or you may choose not to use the Grid, in which case you wont have the possibility of choosing the "col" unit in the width of a widget.

Thank you for your replies.

I noticed that when i added RichWidget, i can now see the resize but when i remove the RichWidget, i can resize the objects. It is necessary to have this RichWidget in every project?

Hi Vince,

I'm pretty sure you need to be using a Layout defined in RichWidgets (or eventually Web Patterns) in order to have the Grid available.

But that's the default when you create any new Responsive Module in Service Studio and add a Screen...