Changes in a web screen behavior, after adding a new web block

This is relevant when your web screen requires user input and you're adding pre-constructed functionalities (for example, you've got a web screen a web block with more buttons).

Don't forget to check the buttons Default (Yes/No) property. Since you don't know wether the user will click on the button or press the carriage return key, you might get undesireable behavior.

Make sure to set Yes on the Default property of the button you assigned to deal with the input fields. That way, if the user presses the carriage return key, you make sure that button is the one to be called and not any other one.

Case scenario:

We've got a web screen which requires the user to submit input to search for in an Entity. The user either clicked the search button or pressed the carriage return key and the search process would execute and show the results.

After adding a new web block, which had some buttons in it, the search process didn't execute (as it should like the previous case), if the user pressed the carriage return key (by any chance the user didn't click on the search button).
By not setting the search button Default property to Yes, every time the user pressed the carriage return key, it was as if he/she had clicked the web block's default button. Thus, not executing the search as it should.