Monitor the platform health: _ping.aspx or _status.aspx

Monitor the platform health: _ping.aspx or _status.aspx


When I took the Support Engineer course, we have discussed this two options for the health check of the platform. From what I recall, one is very simple and could be used to check the internet connectivity, the other did at least a connection to the database to check if the database is also working.

Can someone clarify the difference between them?

@Outsystems - any recommendation on each, and when we should?

Don't know what the difference is but we check for years now on _ping.aspx

We also check if the outsystems windows services are running

Hi Carlos.

There the _ping.html and _ping.aspx.

The _ping.html is a static file, so a valid response only tells you that the application server is correctly serving static files (network ok, application deployment ok). You need to be careful with browser caching when testing for this file. Other caveat is that _ping.html includes a hash of the deployed application in its source code. You can check that a new version was deployed by watching changes to this hash.

The _ping.aspx is a dynamic content, and is used to test if the dynamic runtime on the application server is working (ASP.NET/JSF ok). I think it also tests the database connection, but can't confirm right now.

Hi Carlos,

You should use the Ping url. 

The _status.aspx endpoint is used to monitor end user status (visits/sessions) and not platform health.

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