Dynamically add names to links

Dynamically add names to links

Until now, I've added expressions and links in my Web application.
Some links call a url dynamically, passing a parameter (url) to a External Site object. But the name (what is read in the screen) is the same for all.

How can I put a link to dynamic url (the link is in a listrecord), having also the name (what is read in the screen) as the url?

So far, either the name is static (written in the design panel), and expressions don't have the "Method" and "Destination" properties (as link does).
Besides dragging a Link widget to screen you can also right click an Image widget, an Expression widget or simple text to add a link.

So, to get a link with dynamic text, you just need to:
1- Drag an Expression widget to your screen
2- Right click it and select a destination option from the context menu.

Afterwards, to select the Expression again you should right click the link.

Right clicking to add a Link is a very useful shortcut because you can add a link and select its Destination in one single step.