[Event System] Regarding available lessons

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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes

Hi Leonardo,

One of our customer started to use your component and started to go through the various lessons that are available from the following URL :


Everything was going fine up to Friday, but since Saturday, these lessons are not available and he's rerouted to the following page:  


which seems to be a default page sent out while a page is suspended.

Maybe you could help to find these classes?



Hi Faustina. My personal environment was suspended for inactivity, that's why.

It's now back up.

Thanks for letting me know.


They are again down.

Hi Daniel. It should be back up.

There was an unplanned maintenance intervention. Sorry, as I am using a personal environment, I do not have control over its availability.