I have copied default London_Layout structure and created own custom London_Login and in that i have just deleted Title section but it is not responsive for Mobile and tablet devices. What i have done wrong or Is it possible to create custom layout ?


DM Singh

Hi Mithlesh,

I just copied the default Layout_London web block and removed the Title_section container from it and didn't see any change in behaviour (Service Studio Preview, Smartphone Portrait and Tablet Portrait buttons all worked perfectly and as expected). I also changed the Common\Login screen to use that custom layout and it just worked. 

I'm not sure what you might've done, but if you created a custom layout from scratch you might've missed some of the under-the-hood stuff that makes screens responsive and that is there on the responsive layouts that come with the platform.

Hi Jorge,

I have attached the test OML file . Please check 

Thank & Regards

DM Singh

Hi Mithlesh,

I don't see where have you deleted the Title section in your module... it's still there as far as I can tell.

You have deleted the Responsive container at the bottom of the Layout_Login web block, that is needed for responsive behaviour.

Cheers Jorge!!

Hi DM,

Let us know if solution provided by Jorge solves your problem or not.