SAP Business One


Anyone in the community integrating Outsystems with SAP Business One?

If so, are you using SAP Business One Integration Framework (B1if)?

It would be great to setup a dialog with anyone in the same position as us, so that we can share ideas etc.

Hi Colin,

From what i read here:

"The two RFC modes RFCA and RFCP are supported by B1i. Via RFCA (active) B1i is able to call BAPIs and any customer specific function modules in any of the SAP systems. Means whenever some individual data is missing in a project, you can easily develop a small ABAP program, check it to be remote accessible and then you call it from B1i to retrieve the appropriate data. "

If you are able to provide SAP remote functions, the integration with Outsystems can be easily achieved:

Hope it helps you.

Best regards

Daniel Martins