I use XmlDocument_SelectNodes in the XML extension and got a XmlNodeList object. How do I loop through this list?


You can use NodeList_Count to determine the size.

1. XmlDocument_SelectNodes returns a XmlNodeList.

2. XmlNodeList_Count receives that XmlNodeList and returns the size (it would be easier if it was a function, but it is an action).

I'll be away for a few days so I can't help you if this isn't enough.


Hi Stanley,

Is your problem solved with above solution? Let us know if not.

Hi Nuno and Suraj,

How do I get a XmlNode from the XmlNodeList?

Ok, I find out how to get a XmlNode but I got "Called EndIteration while the list was not being iterated..." error when try to refresh the screen.

I find out the error is from an outer loop. Everything is working now.