How to disable automatic update on MOBILE(Through outsystems) when the app is published in the Apple store, and Google Play? 

I need the Store to do the update, without the outsystems

I don't know if there is an option on Service studio to do that, but in the case of google play, you can do it there:

I imagine Apple has something similar.

Curious to see if it is possible to disable on OutSystems side.


Eduardo Jauch

Hi Ruben,

Currently, OutSystems don't allow any extra configuration on the extensibility configuration options, so answering your question is: No, it isn't possible to disable the auto-update of the application after publishing it on production ( the app is already on the Google or Apple store).

Regarding your other question "Por diversas vezes a atualização automatica gera erros de "RELOAD". E as vezes pode que a mesma seja reinstalada o que impossibilita a pulbicação dela nas Lojas" (sometimes the auto-update generates "RELOAD" errors and the app needs to be reinstalled"), currenlty OutSystems is working in a proccess to improve the update mechanisms of generated mobile apps in order to mitigate the reported issues.

You can also check this link regarding mobile apps update scenarios:

Feel free to reach us back if you have further questions.

With best regards.


There are any news about this topic?

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