Acting on OneSignal received notifications

After a lot of experimenting, I now have OneSignal successfully sending push notifications from my mobile app on Android (I haven't tested yet on iOS).  So all of the account setup and user device registering seems to be working okay, the phone makes a noise when the messages arrive, and the message can be seen in the list of notifications when I pull down the top line of the phone.  

However, I am trying to get my app to take action based on the receipt of the message, and that is not working.  I want it to either display a popup, or a simple screen message, or go to a specific screen.  None of those are working.

In the Layout block I have added action handlers for NotificationReceived and for NotificationOpened.  But the problem is that they are not getting invoked when the message arrives or is opened.  In the RegisterWithUser client action during login, I have tried setting the InFocusDisplayOption to IN_APP_ALERT and to NOTIFICATION.  Neither seems to make a difference, whether the app is in focus or not.  

Can anyone tell me why the NotificationReceived and NotificationOpened action handlers are not executing?  Thank you!

I see there is another active thread in the Forum where other people are describing a similar set of problems with OneSignal.  We can end this one, in order to avoid duplication.  Now I know that it isn't something that I'm doing wrong in OneSignal - it is an actual bug.  It looks like I need to switch to testing PushWoosh for my application.  Thank you.


In the latest version of the OneSignalPlugin, the EventsHandlers both work!


I'm back revisiting this issue...

It appears that now the action associated with NotificationReceived is working the first time a notification arrives, but not for subsequent notifications received.  Any suggestions?