vertical line in my menu


Could you please tell me what is the reason of black vertical line in my menus as in this attached screenshot? Im using silk UI mobile and outsystems 10.

Hi Hafsa.

Without having the page with the CSS on my end is difficult to be sure.

But it seems that the menu's width was changed and you're seeing a line in shades of black because the styles were overridden.

Inspect the elements on your browser's  developer tools to check which classes are overridden. 

Hi Goncalo,

Thanks for replying. I got the answer for that. . You were right I was getting a shadow in my app's menu .I did this In 


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box-shadow: none !important;


And got rid of that line.

Hi Hafsa.

Good to know you found the issue.

However, as a best practice, you should avoid the usage of !important.

You can, for instance, enclose the element with a div, give a class to that div, and then write that fix based on that hierarchy.

Image the div A with class .YourParentClass and the menu with the common .app-menu class.

You could have something like:

.YourParentClass .app-menu{box-shadow: none;}

It would be more elegant and specific for your application.