Change sectionexpandable widget icon?


I am creating a mobile app with a sectionexpandable widget fed by an aggregate.

By default the expand/collapse icon is a arrow up / down. How can i customize this icon with an image like a plus or cross?

I think i need to do this in CSS with the section-expandable-icon class.

Thank you for your help.


Update: it seems i must do something with CSS transform rotate...but getting a plus or cross sign is not not easy yet for me...


I'd suggest to create a new component, similar to "SectionExpandable" widget, which would have another icon.


Hello Rookie,

The path is really CSS, if you don't want to change the behaviour of the.widget, but sometimes is hard, being easier to clone the.component and create a new one.

We did that with CSS a while ago with the accordion, on web. And it was a little bit trick, but not too much.

You should identify all CSS classes involved in order to be able to change the icon.

Being mobile, I think the best is to inspect the application in browser, in the preview mode. And do some tests. 


Eduardo Jauch