Sending Email doesn't work after raising error in OutSystems 10

We have code in the preparation of the InternalError page that sends an email to support.

In Version 10 this email is not sent anymore. I attached a simple sample app that reproduces this issue.

the email is just not sent. There is no error logged about sending email failing. The actual error that is raised and causes the code to be executed in the InternalError page is logged.

Can someone check if this also occurs for them so I can submit a bug to outSystems?

Hello Fabian

We have P10 installed on own servers and the email works without problem.

The mail, if sent from an action works? So, all mails stopped working or only the one in the preparation of the internal error?

Your server is in the cloud or is on premises? Which version?

Did you verify already the configuration, if something is missing in service center?


Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo

Yes if the emails is sent from another action it works. It's just that after raising an error which takes you to Internal Error the email is not sent inside the preparation of InternalError.

Our Server is on Premisis. Version 10.0.604.0

Since email sending works from normal actions i don't think the configuration is an issue.

Thank you.



I'll do some tests to verify if we also have this issue. Than I'll tell something here.


Eduardo Jauch

If you like you can use the attached FabTest OML file. when you click the Throw Error button on the home screen you should receive an email but most likely you won't.

Tried something else. Dragged a SendEmail action into Common\OnException right after the AllException handler and before the Common\InternalError destination.

Now when i publish i get this error.

Internal Error
Compilation Error.
FlowCommon.ExceptionHandler.cs(245,2): error CS0126: An object of a type convertible to 'bool' is required
 return; }

State: Second stage compilation

Hello Fabian, 

I confirm both situations.
The mail is not sent if you use a preparation in the Internal Error page.
And I get the same error if I try to send the mail directly from the Exception flow.

But... :)

If you put the mail in a timer and wake the timer, it works. Both in the preparation of the Internal Error page as well as in the Exception Flow.

Of course, the problem is that if you want to send the exception message, you will have to store it in the database first, in order to be able to get it in the timer logic.

I don't know if this is what was supposed to happen, but I don't think the the email not being sent in the preparation and the error on compilation when the mail is sent from the error flow make sense.

Eduardo Jauch

Thank you Eduardo. I will try to open a support call with OutSystems.

I'm trying to raise an exception after catching one and sending an email and seeing the same results, no more emails. The email call returns an email ID, but no email. Maybe because a transaction to save the email to send was rolled back?

Did you get your issue resolved Fabian?

Hi Jacob

OutSystems has promised us to fix this in Version 11. For now we use a workaround.

You have to add a CommitTransaction action after you send the email. See attached screenshot

Hi Fabian,

Thank you for the quick response, that did the trick!

I was wrapping web service exceptions to add more information, but needed the exception to still bubble up like it was before. For my use case the commit or not doesn't matter. It is unfortunate that it is affecting the email send feature.