Hi Community,

I want to create the condition : After I choose image in upload widget my image box have to preview image before update to database. 

But my application only display image on database, when I choose another image before I update database my image preview box is stuck.

Hey Syahidah,

You have components on forge for that, but I never used them though.

Checkt this one and this one.

If they don't give you what you're asking, you can always use the event onchange of the file input, and assigning to an image.src the content of the file selected through javascript.

Let me know if it worked.


Hey Henrique,

I am not an expert in Javascript, so can you please explain me how to implement that refresh action.



Hello Keerthi,

If you google "how to load image with javascript" you will find lots of resources teaching how to do it.
Than it is just a matter on adapt the code to use in OutSystems, in the way you want it to work.

Eduardo Jauch