Currently I have some requirements about uploading files to an external location and there are some security checks I need to perform prior to that.

I've tried to use the Upload widget provided by Outsystems and my questions are:

  • How can file properties be checked before uploading? The mime type and extension checks are not enough because they can be easily manipulated.
  • How can we check file size (extension also) before it is actually uploaded? I can currently upload a 2 GB file and the check is made only after the upload has finished.
  • Is there a possibility of anti-virus scanning before the upload in Outsystems?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Bogdan,

In order to check the file before uploading you will need to use the HTML 5 File API.


This is not (yet) implemented in OutSystems, but it might be available as one of the forge components, otherwise you could try to create your own forge component and share it with all of us :)

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga