.jsp is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit discussion

I know this is an old topic but does anyone know the size of each component/widget compares to the others (a container vs a box or card widget). I used lots of boxes on my page so I really wonder how much heavy is a box compared to a container. Thank you for the time you spent on reading my question. I would appreciate any ideas.

Hi Hien,

Were do you get the 65535 bytes limit error? Could you please send the stack trace of the error?

For what i could understand is a web server configuration:


Hope it helps you.

Hi Daniel, 

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I working on a client's server and we don't have permission to access or modify the file as the article suggests.

Thank you 



Very nice, Jusin. :)

Justin James wrote:

I just wrote something up on this issue.



Thank you it helps me a lot