[BuildInfo Plugin] Wrong hard coded ErrorMessage

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Published on 2017-12-14 by Matthias Preuter
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Published on 2017-12-14 by Matthias Preuter

Hi Brian,

In the CheckBuildInfoPlugin Client Action in the assign of the false branch of IsPluginAvailableJS.IsAvaiable Node is hard coded the error message: "Barcode Plugin is unavailable" I think this is a copy mistake.

Could you please create a new version where the error message is related to the BuildInfoPlugin

Kind Regards,
Martijn Habraken

p.s. Great Plugin, very useful!


Hi Martijn,

It was already corrected by Matthias. But that version was not marked as latest stable. So I marked version 2.1.0 as Latest Stable. But it was indeed a copy/paste mistake ;-).



Hi Brian,

Perfect! I will update the application here.

Kind regards,