Not able to rename Entity name


Initially i have created entity with name HCP and after then we have renamed it HCPGENERIC but after few days we had requirement to change it back to HCP but not able to rename it from HCPGENERIC to HCP because we have already used name HCP in first step. So how can i rename it back to HCP?

Thanks & Regards

DM Singh

Hi DM,

Could you give a bit more info?

What (error) message did you get? Were the attributes (type) changed/added? Was it referenced? etc.


Hello DM,

There is no reason to rename the entity back to its previous name do not work.

Maybe you are trying to rename it from a consumer module instead of the module where the entity is defined?

The Entity name is just an alias to the name of the table in the Database.

But if you want to change the physical name of the table, this can't be done from within OutSystems platform (as of my knowledge up to now). You would have to change directly into the database and change every reference to it in the metadata of the platform. As you imagine, this can become problematic and very risk. I advise against this kind of "fix".


Eduardo Jauch