Content Accordion Item does not expand

Hi Everyone..

I am new to outsystem and trying hard to learn it.

I want to use this widget Content Accordion Item for my advanced search filter. But when i execute and test the program, it does not expand and i couldn't find any solution to fix it. 

Please advice. Thanks.

Hi Jace,

Are you still having this issue? 

I know this post is a month old, but if you are still facing this issue, when you check the browsers console, do you see any JavaScript errors?


Hello Jace,

Probably, what you want is an Expandable Section, no?

The Accordion Item is used together with the Accordion and usually a List Records to create a certain number of "sections" that every time you open one, it closes any other opened before.

The section is just like this. A section that you can expand or colapse according the user will. :)

Eduardo Jauch