Hi All,
  I'm working on a mobile app which requires a user to login into app.
  Currently, login is done using Outsystems admin credentials.
  My doubt here is, Can I avoid using Outsystems user credential to login and use my custom login?
  In Custom Login, I want users to log into "www.somethingxyz.com" and store session untill logout.

Is This Possible in OutSystem? Help Please !!!

Hi John,

I'll assume you are working with OutSystems 10.

Native Mobile applications (P10) in OutSystems doesn't have "Session".
What you need to do is to create the users with access to your application.

You can create users in the Users application (your_server/Users), and eventually assign ROLES to them (defined in your application), that will be used to define what screens/actions/menus the user will have access.

Then, if you want to user to be able to login once and be logged unless it do logout (even after closing the application), you set the Property RememberLogin (in User_LoginWrapper, insed the Server Action DoLogin) to True, otherwise, if you want to the user to do login every time he opens the application, you set to false.

Hope it helps,

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for the Response.   
My Problem is : Consider a scenerio where 10 users are registered to "xyz" website. This "xyz" website has a mobile app. Now, I want this same 10 users to login into app with their same credentials.
1)  Is It possible to achieve such scenario without creating outsystems users?
2) Is There an API to create outsystems user?
3) Do I need to create users in outsytems for every signup into "xyz" website?


Hi John,

Your "Web application" and the "Mobile Application" are in the same server, right? They can use the same entities and probably they use the same User Provider (Users). So, a user that has access to the wewb application can also have access to the mobile app. No need to create 2 users, one for each app.

1. Only existing users can do "login". If you want that "anonymous" users can access the application/site, you just enable anonymous access to the menus and pages you want do be accessible. 

2. The "yourserver/Users" application is the place where you can create Users. This application is your Applicaiton Users provider by default. You can also create users in your application, yes, there is an API to do that, and you can interact with the "User" entity.

3. If you want to enable only registered users to be able to access your application, you have to create users so only users that do login can use your application. In this case, each user should have their own user name and password.

See here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Developing_an_Application/Secure_the_Application/User_Roles/Create_an_End-User_and_Grant_Permissions

And here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Developing_an_Application/Secure_the_Application/User_Roles

And here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/7399/how-to-manage-users-and-roles/

Hope this helps :)

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,
Yes "Web application" and the "Mobile Application" are in the same server. This is not the issue.
Sorry for not been clear.
I don't want to create users in Outsystems. I want my server's user to login into my app without creating outsystems users.
The reason is that I have multiple servers where users can have same or different username and password. I'm able to handle this case in my end but in outsystem I can't  have user with same username/password.Is there a way around for this case?



So what you want is Integrated Authentication.
Yes, you can use your AD users (for example), to login in Web Applications.

See this: https://success.outsystems.com/Evaluation/Lifecycle_Management/5_Identity_and_Access_Management

and this: https://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/Handling_security/Configuring_End-User_Authentication.htm

And this: https://success.outsystems.com/Evaluation/Security/02_Security_of_OutSystems_applications/01_What_identity_providers_can_be_used_in_OutSystems_apps

And here for Mobile: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Managing_the_Applications_Lifecycle/Secure_the_Applications/Configure_Mobile_App_Authentication

But I'm not entirely sure you can do AD for Mobile, because if I'm not wrong, the user must be using a machine in the same "network" of the server...

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

I have a Users DB on Third-party SqlServer & I want to create a  Custom Login & Register Screen with Outsystem Mobile Application.

Note: We are not in a state from back-end perspective to use the External Authentication provider [LDAP/AD].

Need to setup just a simple Module with external DB like what we do normally in Native app's.

I also went through the mentioned articles & link but didn't find appropriate solution to do the same.

I don't want to create Users in Outsystem nor the Groups. What I want is to use the Existing User from External DB, I guess I can consume REST API to check the Authentication on Login & Register like what we do normally with Native App's.

Also I searched about the "DbConnectionManagementService", is this can be a solution for connecting external DB for the Login & Further Story.



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