Mobile App Deep Links with parameters

I am finding that Mobile App Deep Links don't always work.

I followed the instructions in this guide:

Using the example given in the above guide, I found the following results:

When the mobile app is running in the background, all deep links work fine. They open the correct screen, both with and without any input variables. To be clear, both of the following links work fine when the app is already running in the background:

  1. com.mycloud.ToDoMobile://ToDo/ToDoDetail
  2. com.mycloud.ToDoMobile://ToDo/ToDoDetail?ToDoId=2

However, if the app is closed / not running, then link #1 above will open the app to the Splash screen and about half way through the Loading progress bar, it will navigate to the ToDoDetail screen. But link #2 will freeze on the Splash screen when the Loading progress bar reaches the end.

I tried this with 2 different mobile apps with the same results. The actual application bundle ids I used are different to the examples given above, of course.

Has anyone else experienced this, or can someone please test this and report back if you're finding the same?

Any suggestions on what I could try to make deeplinks with parameters work when the app is closed?

Hello Charles

Sorry for the late reply. Did you get things to work? Was the issue happening in both Android and iOS?


Hi Cesar,

Thanks for your comment. I believe the deeplink example is only applicable to iOS.

OutSystems Support confirmed that this issue will be resolved in the next platform release.



Hi guys, 

It might not fit your specific case, but could be worthwhile to look at. I've published two components that use deeplinks to generate shareable links in a mobile app (Deeplink Mobile) & a redirect web page that handles device detection and will either open the mobile app or redirect to a fallback URL (Deeplink Web). Some inherent issues of deeplinks are handled with these components and can be used to open a specific page in the intended mobile app.

Kind regards, 

Jordy Heijnen