I have strange behavior when I try to use notifications in weblocks, and I do not know if I'm doing something wrong, or maybe it's a bug.

I've tried to simplify the case to explain it. 

I have a table that loads companies in each row using an aggregate, loading the company name into an input in a weblock in the first column. In the second column, for each company, I have another webblock that will load people; this receives an input with companyId, and through an aggregate, lists the people of that company. This is done through a list in the webblock and a new weblock that loads each of the people into an input. The result looks like this:

So, in first column there is a weblock, and in the second a webblock (for list) and inside it a webblock (for each person).

When something is changed I use a notify action. In first column the OnNotify2 is in page to recive the Notify from company weblock. In second column the OnNotify is inside People weblock to recive the notification of person weblock, and in this OnNotify I use again Notify and this is recived in page by OnNotify1. I show hows looks like:

Table in page, with two columns and webblocks. 

The PeopleList Weblock.

PeopleList OnNotify, In which I recive the notify from Person weblock, and throw again a Notify to page.

This is the problem:

When I recive the notify from Company Weblock, the CurrentRowNumber is the one that should be. I'm going to edit company name in second row (CurrentRowNumber = 1) to show you:

But when I edit second record of second row in second column (RowNumber should be "1" again) when I recive the notification from PeopleList in OnNotify in page the CurrentRowNumber is "0".

Why? This happens when I recive the notification from a weblock inside a webblock, but not directly in one webblock scenario. In two cases, in "ListAppend" i'm using CurrentRowNumber, so Outsystems should not clear the values to default values (and as you are seeing, in first case the CurrentRowNumber is "1").

Hi Carlos,

I can reproduce this behavior.
In fact, I have a behavior maybe even "strange".

If I have a List, with a WebBlock A and inside it a WebBlock B (with new list), clicking in anything INSIDE both webblocks makes the CurrentRowNumber 0. But if I use anything more from the list, like another field, at the first level (WebBlock A) it works. But the second level (Webblock B), if I click in the list or outside the list, I always get the LAST line of the outside list...

Probably we have to inspect the javascript that makes the "click" work to see what's going on. :)

Eduardo Jauch

Wooow! they are really strange behaviors, looks like a Outsystems bug, but could be great if someone could confirm if we are doing something wrong, or really is a bug.


The CurrentRowNumber coming with 0 all time if you only use it is a problem with the Optimizer. He is not considering it as an "used" element and seems to simply remove the code to update the variable.

The second problem is weirder indeed... :)

Eduardo Jauch