Displaying decimal values in input box

I need to display a value showing 2 decimal places (eg. 24.30) returned from a query on a table column that is defined with 2 decimal places, and if possible right aligned in the input box.

What's happening now for example is that the 24.3 is displayed. The need arises from the fact that these values represent money.

Any suggestions.
Dear Orlando,

If you configure your data model to have 2 decimal places you should have two decimals showing on the inputs without any additional formatting. This is not the case only when the rightmost decimal digit(s) is/are zero. In this case, you are correct, they do get prunned: this is because our data model is designed to disregard non-significant decimal places. While in the case of Expressions you can use the FormatDecimal() Built-in function, there is no provision for this kind of formatting on Input-targetted values.

In regards to aligning right, you should select "Extended Properties" for the Input widget and add the style property with the value "text-align: right"

Best Regards,

Thanks Miguel