Messaging Application [Help]

What's up guys,

So I'm building a "mobi site" basically a normal site that is responsive. I have to build in a chat function in which people can talk in groups and p2p. I have taken a look at the "Chat" on forge but it has not really been very helpful. It's a bit outdated. Wanted to know if there is a simple way o doing this (without having to run a node.js server or or scripts.

Please let me know if there are other option otherwise I will look into node.js.

Kind Regards


Hi Werner,

You can use some 3rd party tools, for instance Firebase or to give you website some real-time chat functionalities. There are widgets available on the Forge for both solutions.

Please check them out and see if they are useful for you.

Let us know which path you choose and maybe you can post your version of the chat on the Forge?

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


Hi Werner,

You definitely need a chat server(either implemented on node.js or any other server-side programing language.

You could as well use available backend as service like Firebase to implement this.

(If it is a custom implementation then websockets with node.js would be a great option)

I would be interested to join hands if you intent to create a forge component.