How to avoid Redeployments after restart

How to avoid Redeployments after restart

In this specific OML I receive files wich I have to read and convert it to data.
I am saving these files, to keep the history , to a specfic folder in the application path . The problem happens when the system is restarted, it deletes all the files. I am imagining that all OMLs are redeployed after the restart. Is it any way of work these redeployments around?
Dear Marco,

You are correct in that the restarting of the system redeploys the eSpaces on the machine. This is by design, to ensure application availability, and cannot be disabled.

The use of the filesystem for storage of Hub Edition Application files is highly disencouraged and can lead to problems: if, for example, you happen to have a multi-node installation of Hub Edition and save a file to disk, it will only be saved to the computer node that happens to be answering your request that time (and therefore unavailable to others).

May we suggest that you use the Database for storage. You could create an Entity with an array of attributes like VersionId, TimeStamp and Contents where you can store your versions.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, for the explanation. I already thought about saving all this history and log files on the database. The problem is with size of the database, that will grow enormously.
The other solution is to save the files on a different path wich doesn´t belong to the HubServer. This seems to be the best way once we´re not working with a multi node structure.