Change the name in address bar

Change the name in address bar

How can I change what's in the address bar of the browser?
All pages appear as, for example, "". But would be better if it would appear as "", i.e., with a page name instead of (.....) and the node number.

As you have in A page name instead of the node name, and no (...) expression.

How is that possible?


Dear Fernando,

To use more sensible names for your screens you will have to resort to Entry nodes. For this you must create an Entry node (with whatever name you want) in front for the screen you want to jump to and invoke the Entry rather than the destination screen. Of course, for this to work, you will have to use External Site nodes to jump to these screens (rather than fill in the Destination property on a Widget or use Go To Screen nodes), which means that you probably will not want to use this approach in all your links...

While in this subject, please note that if eSpace Properties->Advanced->Use Cookies is ticked, the session will not be present in the URL in the address bar, which may also improve its readability.

Best Regards,

Thanks Miguel

That will do the trick. Well, almost...
With entry points, we can't define parameters as in the destination screens...

A little suggestion for a future release of OS: a way to change the node names...

Dear Fernando,

An Entry node transparently pushes through the parameters it receives to the Screen it points to, so you can pass in parameters through the Entry node.

In the External Site node you want to connect to an Entry node (that in turn connects to the Screen), simply define:
- The same parameters as the "target" screen has;
- Set URL to <YourNamedEntry>.aspx

In any screen that now connects to this External Site, you can now fill in its parameters as if that node was a screen. On execution, the External Site invokes the <YourNamedEntry>.aspx Entry node, that marshals the values on to your screen <nodexxx>.aspx

In regards to the renaming of the nodes, this has been put into consideration for implementing in a future version of Service Studio.

Hope this helps.

Sure it helps, Miguel!

Thanks a lot!