Hub Edition Version 3.0 and Code Reutilization

Hello All

One of the main enhancements of version 3.0 of Hub Edition is the ability to share Actions, Entities and Structures between eSpaces, promoting the creation of reusable code. This feature will allow us to create functionality libraries that can be the base of a lot of different applications, increasing modularity and reducing code replication

In anticipation I would like to ask anyone who has developed a generic reusable feature, to share it with all the community so that we might improve the speed of OutSystems application creation even further. These features might be extensions, actions, web blocks, etc, which might provide self-contained functionality shareable with other OutSystems applications.

Recently we had some posting of official and “unofficial” samples that work as examples of the kind of reusability I am talking about. Here are some pointers:

- Javascript Calendar to edit a date input field -

- “Unofficial” Chart Creation Sample -

- “Unofficial” LDAP Extension -

- Bubble Sort and Quick Sort -

We are planning on creating a specific area on where we can all exchange pre-build functionality but, in the mean time, feel free to use the forums to post code you may find interesting to share with the rest of the community.

Keep posting!