Beginner Starter Course

Hi peps,

So, I have been doing the Beginner Web App programming.

Until now it´s beeing a good experince, Im learning a lot about the plataform.

In a exercise I have this problem. Doing the verify of the date fiels, the date of dead needs to be later then the date of born. Can someone help me?

DiffDays(PersonForm.Record.Person.DateOfBirth, PersonForm.Record.Person.DateOfDeath) <= 1


Hi Henrique.

Whats the problem, exactly?

I see by the image a simple problem.Your DiffDays IF is not properly connected to the previous validation IF.

You should have 2 arrows connecting to this IF: First, from the previous IF, second, from the assign on the other branch of the previous IF.

But if you notice, you have only ONE arrow, the one from the assign of the previous IF.

This is because your IF is OVER the line, not ON it.

This happens when you drag an element to a line, and it already have a conection. It is not inserted on the line, than.

So, you need to select the arrow that is coming from the previous IF and is connecting direct to the Form.Valid IF, and connect it to the Dates IF 



Eduardo Jauch


Thanks Eduardo, that solved my problem. I didn´t notice that if was disconnected. Thank you!