inputt password field

inputt password field


When using an input password field in a screen when linked to a parameter of a record in the screen. When the screen is loaded with a certain variable the password input field will be empty eventhough the value is set. How can I get the field to get it's value just like any other input field?
Dear Jan,

The fact that the associated variable's value does not appear in the InputPassword is not related with it originating in a record or parameter: if you try it out, you will notice it happens if the widget is associated with a "normal" text variable too.

This is so by design, for security reasons. The initial values of form inputs is transmitted as clear text attributes in the HTML document, meaning that if anyone does a "View Source" on your browser he or she will be able to see your password.

If, however, you find you really need that information passed into the form despite the security considerations, you can use the InputPassword's Extended Properties. Simply add a property named value with the required value (for example MyInput.MyStructure.Password) and the control will be filled in with the value selected, and show the habitual '*' mask.

I have checked Service Studio's documentation and, indeed, it leads you to believe that - like in Input widgets - InputPasswords are also automatically filled in the form. I have submitted an issue to the documentation team to clarify this. Thank you for pointing it out.

Best regards,

Ok, thank you for your answer.