How can i create a new SQL database within OutSystems?

How can i create a new SQL database within OutSystems?

The entitys i created exist in a default SQL database, how can i make outsystems create a new and different database?
Dear João,

I am not completely certain what you want to know from your question.

If you would like to have discreet Entities that reside on a different database to the one Hub Edition is using, then you will need to use External Entities. These must be created by a Manager (or a Developer with Allow Foreign Entities permission) in Service Center. You can then specify the External Entity’s Physical Table and request that your DBA creates it as a view to a table in some other DB.

If you want to completely move your Hub Edition installation, then you need to first create a blank DB (according to the configurations described in the Hub Edition platform Installation Checklist) using an Administration tool external to Hub Edition (like Enterprise Manager). After that you should use the Hub Server Configuration Tool to create the OutSystems DB schema on the new Database. Please note that the complete Hub Edition installation is migrated (and you will need to re-publish all the applications you want to maintain): you cannot have individual applications running in different DBs under the same Hub Server.

Please let me know if you need more information.