[TagCloud] Please republish to Forge

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Published on 2017-03-02 by Raphael Ranieri
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Published on 2017-03-02 by Raphael Ranieri


I am using your component in one of my applications but when I try to publish it to the Forge it tries to re-publish your TagCloud component - I guess this is because there is something wrong current version. Could you please update your component ?

Thanks in advance!



Hello Adrian,

Just did it.

Try again and let me know if it works:)


Great, thanks, now I can install it properly.

On publishing the needed Xif to my enviroment a .Net compile error occures, Any idea?

Regards, Harry 

Hello Harry,

Do you have any stack of this error?

The xif is a default one.

Hi Raphael,

I have no experience with .Net. Ik thought that for using your component I had to publish the Xif to my enviroment (that's right is it not?), but I get:

Regards, Harry

Harry the .xif that is uses is from https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/22/sortrecordlist/

Try to install it directly from this link.


It worked?

Hi Raphael.

I could install it yes. I now am looking into the Tagcloud component. I'm trying to figure out how it works.Not clear yet, but I will investigate further.

Regards, Harry