Read only radio button

Hey all.

My question is really straight foward.

i had a form where i  have 2 radio buttons ( 1 true 1 false). Saved my information

And now i need to read only the radio buttons, is it possible?

What i have done was to put instead of 2 radiobuttons on my weblock i put 2 images inside na if. One with a Check and another with a Cross, and that does the trick for the user but that's mainly because i don't know it is possible to do it with the radio buttons.


Hi Nuno, 

To disable RadioButtons, just set the Enabled property to False.

Eduardo Jauch


But personally I like the solution that "replaces" the inputs with expressions and images when the user shouldn't change them.

Thx Edu.

But does the RadioButtons hold the value inserted before?



Yes. The Radio Button selected is defined based on the value that is defined in the variable that is associate with them :)

If the variable has a value that one of the Radio Buttons also have, this one will be selected, but disabled :)

Eduardo Jauch